Indian Gurudwara's are doing what they do best, feeding those in need. What if you could create your online school and give 5 000 meals at the same time. Here is our partner, the  Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (you can donate here, or create a school with us).

Why and what is Video Web Design

Creating Online Schools

Becoming an online teacher is not a ''rich quick'' scheme. But it has grown into a $355M A DAY industry. You would be out of your mind not to consider going in and teaching what you know best. If you have an offline school, then, we believe, it is an absolute must you add an online version. If schools were hesitant going online with their teachings, this pandemic really brought light on the urgency of going digital.  

Elon Musk says: ''you still don't need a college degree to work at Tesla''

Tech companies aren't considering college degrees anymore

Google, Apple, IBM and Tesla are some of the company publicly announcing their new hiring process that doesn't consider college degrees. Our education system is changing. The rise of platforms like and udemy has proven to be successful to say the least, and it really makes sense. Social media platforms like YouTube, fast click to learn anything type of approach is rewiring our brains and how we access information. If you consider that learning for example, digital marketing, will cost you around $37 000 dollars per year in the USA. Now, an online class from a pro Facebook advertiser will be anything from $300 to 2k, one time purchase that will give you all the actionable skills you need to implement that right away and sell your services. We believe that our future is more; '' show us what you can do'' rather than ''show us the papers that say you theoretically learned how to do xyz''.    

Your opportunity

''In 2008, GLG had nearly 200,000 experts in its network, $284 million in annual revenues, and a $1 billion valuation'' (The rise of the expert economy)

In 2018, 3.8 billion people were on the internet, and by 2030, an estimated 7.5 of the current 8 billion total world population should attend the online party. If you combine that with the fact that knowledge is getting decentralized , becoming an online teacher might be the most significant business opportunity of your lifetime...If you have an offline school, you are basically almost committing a crime not to offer your services to planet earth (quite literally).    

The current problem with online schools

Drag and drop ''easy peasy'' 

For most of us, when we decide to go online and create an digital course, we don't have 1 000 student, credit card in hand ready to buy our knowledge. This is why, platforms that charge 100-300 dollars per month (for life) can seem daunting. ..We should also mention that your school, will be dependent of what that company and what it wishes to implement. 

It may seem cheap at first. But let's make a quick calculation, let's say you have your school for a year at $100 (to be extremely fair). After one year of operation, your cost is 1200 $. Not bad ! But then:

  • 10 years = $12 000  
  • 20 years = $24 000
  • 30 years = $36 000

Your $100 per month has transformed itself into a monster. Your website's name is in their database, you cannot retrieve it. If they decide to launch a feature you disapprove of, good luck Chuck, you just have to deal with it...If they raise their prices, again, you don't have much of a say... 

Traffic Rich Platforms

An other option is using Lynda or Udemy...The benefits is that those platforms provide the much needed traffic towards your course. Fabulous you say ? Well, here is the thing, they typically split your courses revenues 50/50 (between you and them), and keep in mind that an average course sell's for something around $20. That's right, your making a whopping 10$ per sales (competition is fierce on Udemy and out of your control).

People on those platform underestimate their knowledge and don't know how to package it. Here is two Facebook ads mastery courses. One is sold for $16.99 and the other one for $1497. Knowledge is power and don't undervalue how life changing a course can be for someone.

Our Solution

Our answer is a Wordpress based solution. You pay as you go, you have unlimited features you can add to your school. You only pay for what you use. It's a perfect pay as you go solution. It's the most used tool to create websites on the planet (not bad).   

Would you like to see other schools who are using the same designing tools and assets we use ? Alright, here are some examples of what your school can look like:


You know they're waiting for you.   

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